"Spectral" theme for MyBB 1.8.x

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Spectral, the third iteration of the DVZ Authentic responsive theme series for MyBB 1.8.x is now available for purchase.

The set relocates elements to expose content on the board while providing a layout friendly to varying-resolution devices and introducing UX improvements for navigation and interaction with MyBB.

The series' furthest push for simplicity

All content control options and links to main board modules can now be found in a single place―the unified navigation bar that follows scroll position without giving an impression of reduced window height.

The search scope in the quick search form changes dynamically, depending on current location.

The opposite side of the bar includes user-specific links and centralized notifications related to the account, the Mod CP and ACP using new content indicators and counters. The index page triggers an animation if new notifications are present.

Focus on content

The index page shows a full-sized header that gets minimized once subpages are opened, keeping the first letter, colored branding in the corner that fades out, avoiding distractions.

The index page shows large elements with plenty of space to provide a mission statement and display statistics and serves as an information hub, where unibar notifications generate additional animation to attract attention. The forum listing in composed with a fluid layout and presents the numbers on tap (hover) for those interested.

Information delivered with color

Colors play a vital role in managing attention and are used to symbolize new content, calls to action and represent board branding. The white-gray-black layout emphasizes colored markers and indicators, making them spotted more easily.

All tones can be customized with designer-friendly CSS variables in a separate stylesheet.

Dim the lights

The theme allows users to easily toggle between light and dark variations. The dark mode can be much more comfortable during the nighttime and more suitable for showcase-based boards. The color palette is further toned-down for photos and videos to appear more vivid.

Try it live at: https://devilshakerz.com/mybb6122/

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